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US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick
US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick
US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick
US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick
US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick
US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick

US 511/ASP Self-Defense Telescopic Swing Stick

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Professional quality, the same type of police baton for police duty.Sticks that are used by police all over the world.

It's easy to operate as soon as you throw it away, and you can protect yourself, your family and friends more quickly in times of danger.


Super attack power, easy to crush hard objects such as wood and bricks. In chaos, better protect yourself.

The use of high-quality materials can bear the pressure of 500KG, no bending, continuous playing.

Product Information:
Size:21 inch/26 inch
Elongation length: 52CM/65CM
Shrink length: 20CM/25CM
Weight: 530g/650g
Color: Black/Gold/Silver
Material: alloy steel
Handle material: silicone
Function: self-defense/broken window/self-help


  • Freely expandable and retractable: it can be extended after being shaken, easy to operate, and easy to defend.
  • Portable stick cover: easy to carry, can be carried around.
  • Thickened material: Can easily break bricks, super hardness, better protect yourself and your family.
  • Anti-slip handle: high-quality rubber material, comfortable grip, anti-slip and shockproof.


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